Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction

There’s so much more to Mister Wireless than a dial tone. Unlike some providers, at Mister Wireless we stand behind our VoIP service from installation to billing and beyond.

Straightforward Pricing - No gimmicks, games, or teaser rates. With VoIP Phones in Louisville provided by Mister Wireless, our monthly rate is always transparent.*

Service Delivery Guarantee - Mister Wireless promises to meet your initial ready-for-service date, or you’ll get one month of free service.

Service Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are not satisfied with the quality of your service after 30 days and before 60 days of use, you may discontinue service without penalty or contract liability.

Invoice Accuracy Guarantee - If your invoice is incorrect, Mister Wireless will credit your account an amount equal to 10% of your invoice value.

*Please note: as with other communications providers, our stated monthly rates do not include any applicable federal, state, or local taxes, which may affect the final monthly cost of your service.


Service Delivery

The customer must select a date that falls within Mister Wireless’ standard intervals      (see Standard Intervals below).

If the customer changes the initial RFS date, this promo does not apply.

Only applies to Unified Communications service delivery. Broadband services are not covered by this guarantee.

Credit only applies to the recurring charges on the order. All usage charges are      excluded.

Service delivery interval starts when Mister Wireless receives a clean order.

Service Satisfaction

Only applies to service quality issues that affect voice communications and are not      directly related to a customer's LAN or ISP – unless Mister Wireless is the ISP provider.

After 60 days the offer no longer applies.

The offer does not apply if the service issue is directly related to a customer-initiated service change. 

Phones and other equipment purchased or leased are excluded from this offer.

Invoice Accuracy

Credit is capped at $500 per occurrence.

Credit only applies to recurring charges. Usage charges are excluded from this offer.

Errors resulting from inaccurate customer information are excluded.

Service disputes are excluded from this offer.

Mister Wireless Standard Intervals

14 business days. Service activation without porting.

17 business days. Service activation with porting.

100% Guarantee
100% Guarantee